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Ever wondered where you or your camera focused when looking at a picture ? The sensor point(s) used by your camera are stored in the metadata of your image. I’m working on new Lightroom plugin showing your just that. For now, it’s working on Mac and with Nikon cameras (various D3 models, D700, and D300/D300s, since I believe they have similar AF sensors). It builds on ‘exiftool’ and ‘mogrify’ to show you the AF points used.

I still have to test it on Windows (it should work pretty much the same) and test some other camera models. More news soon…

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72 thoughts on ““ViewFinder” plugin

    1. Hi,

      Any idea when this great plugin will be available?
      It would be really nice to use this functionality!



  1. Wow, that sounds like a pretty cool plugin to me. But since I’m using an Olympus camera it’s of no use to me yet.
    However, if you want to, I can provide you with RAW/JPEG samples for Olympus E-30 and Olympus E-420/E-520, to add them to your database (with using individual AF points, AF area, etc.).
    Contact me on the provided email if you think this would be useful to you :)

    All the best,

    1. Yes, I might ask for some RAW files later. I realized that dpreview.com has sample JPEG files for all the cameras they review, so that should be a good start.


  2. hmm… sounds great.
    I have the same setup (nikon d300 and mac) and I am a bitt curious to test this plugin. Is it poosible do download the beta version? If not, I musst have some patience till the final realse…

  3. Jerry, afaik, if you convert to dng you lose the focus point data. I tried some 7D raws converted to dng in Aperture 3, and where with the cr2 I could see the active focus point, with the dng’s this info was missing.

    I’m sticking with cr2 for working files, and archiving in .dng for this reason.

    Luc: any timeline for the plugin, and/or will you be publicizing it via emails to us commenters or via the Adobe LR forums?


    1. In fact, DNG files maintain the focus points (when converted by LR). I found it’s one of the easiest format to deal with (good metadata and previews). CR2 and NEF file are OK too. JPEG can be a pain, depending which software produced them. If they are produced by a camera, it should be OK.
      I’m on travel next week, so I’ll resume work after that. I don’t want to release too early, and having to deal with the support of early betas.


  4. Thanks Luc. I used Adobe’s standalone DNG converter, which appears to strip out the focus points for some reason. I will try converting via Lightroom and see if they are preserved (i.e. viewable in Aperture 3).


  5. Great stuff!! I would absolutely love this. It would help a lot to know if the camera made the focus or the point is on another place. On my Canon 1 D Mark IV it is so many custom settings. Let me know if you need any Raw files…

    You can see the focus point on Canons DDP program but I could pay for having it on Adobe Lightroom.

  6. Hi Luc,

    great idea!
    I would also be interested to see more.
    Maybe you also need a beta tester.
    I use a Nikon D700, Lightroom 3.3 on a windows platform

    Best regards,


  7. This sounds and looks fantastic!
    Go on with the great work; or, open-source the code you got so far, and let other people help out on coding:)


  8. Hello,

    I would be very intrested on a plugin like that. Pplz let me know when u have developed a such plugin.

    Thanks and good luck.


  9. Luc,

    I am extremely interested in your plug-in for displaying focal-points in Lightroom. While Nikon Capture NX will do this, it is a crash-prone, and cumbersome piece of software at the best of times.

    I look forward to seeing what you can do,and will do what I can to be of help to you. I am sure there are other individuals like myself, that would gladly pay for a piece of simple, yet functional software.

    Cheers: Reg

  10. Hello. Thank you for working on this. I shoot mostly manual. But When using AF, I would love this plugin. I am on Mac, but have Win. 7 too. Please let me know how I can help. I shoot canon (XTI, XSI, 50d).

  11. Hi Luc,

    I own a Nikon D7000 and could try it in ANY Windows environment and in some MAC. Please, let me know if I could help you with the testing.

    Obviously, I’d pay for such a worthy plugin

  12. Thanks, this looks wonderful.

    When you need someone to test for LR 3 and Canon (Xti, xsi, 50d) on Snow Leopard, let me know. I have extensive experience beta testing on various platforms.


    1. When ready ;-) I’ve been busy with work. But I started programming with the Lightroom SDK again last week-end. So it will come out.

  13. I am interested in your plug-in for displaying focal-points in Lightroom.
    Also I am developing a plugin for the focal point in ligthroom but they are not so ahead. If you want I can help to develop it you for canon 450d.
    However thanks a lot for your job.

  14. Hello Luc!

    How is your Viewfinder Plugin doing for CANON Cameras and Windows 7.
    Still waiting for it! For me this is a Killer feature missing in LR!


  15. Jumped over here from another website, looking forward to trying out this plug-in for my Canon 60D and LR3 (Mac). Please let everyone know when the plug-in is ready.

  16. Most def. interested. This would be killer.

    Canon 50D
    Canon 7D
    Panasonic Lumix LX3

    Last word on project was back in June of last year…

    Luc, you still around! :)

    Hope your new year has been wonderful.


  17. Hey Luc,
    I have a D300 and would like to test your plugin. Where can i find a copy ? Can you email me one ? (does it works with Lr 4)
    Looks like a great job anyway.

  18. W7 D7000 LR4 user here and would love to have this to help figure things out when they go wrong.
    Paypal works for me. Hope you’ll let us know when ready to test or roll out.
    I admire you guys that do this stuff … I’m challenged with soup!

  19. Hey Luc,
    are you still working on the viewfinder plugin? I searched the web for something that works for the Canon 1D IV but no chance… If you are still working on the plugin, please drop me a note, I would be glad to help to include Canon models as well!!
    Greets, Panda

  20. Hi all,

    Quick question..
    Will the AF-point still point to the correct focus on the image after re-composing when using Single Servo? Hope i’m clear…
    Would like to know.


  21. Can’t wait to see it! I will definitely be checking your site on a regular basis, hoping for more news…!

    Merci! :-)


  22. Interesting plugin idea but WHEN have you planned to release it (or the Beta version) ? That’s a feature included in Aperture but still not in Lightroom, so we are waiting… :)

  23. Could you please tell me when this fantastic plugin will be available ?

    This will be amazing for our workflow !

    Best regards !

  24. Fabulous idea! Please let me know when it’s ready. I am having a time with one of my lenses – this will help a great deal in helping me troubleshoot why it isn’t tack sharp where I want it to be! thanks!

  25. hi i am a heavy LR user and very much like to see this plugin avaliable.
    I am glad that someone is working on this.

    Please continue to let us know.
    Thanks for your work!

  26. Any update on progress on this plugin? I would be very interested in helping with any Windows testing as a Nikon user. Many thanks

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