“Dossier de Presse” plugin


  • April 21, 2015: Works fine for me with Lightroom 6 – Lightroom CC (let me know in case of problems)
  • August 25, 2013: v13 temporary version dealing with NextGen 2.0.x. It should still work with version 1.9.x (I still use this version)
  • July 31st, 2013: Seems Oh SO NOT OK with NextGen 2.0.x. A lot of users on WordPress forums have issues with the update, so I’d advise to wait a little bit before updating (it breaks some nextgen plugins and templates). Let me know if you notice any problems
  • June 11th, 2013: Works fine with LR5. Let me know if you notice any problems
  • April 15th, 2013: Seems to work fine with LR5 Beta. Let me know if you notice any problems
  • December 18th, 2012: Use NextGen 1.9.10 (and up) if you’re using WordPress 3.5
  • December 16th, 2012: See this post, if you want to fix NextGen 1.9.8 and WordPress 3.5
  • December 16th, 2012: It seems WordPress 3.5 changed its API. I’m looking into the problem. Stay with WP 3.4.x if you need the plugin. I’m looking into it…
  • March 6th, 2012: It seems to work fine with LR4 final. Let me know if you notice something wrong
  • If you’re interested, it seems to work fine with LR4 beta 1
  • v12 – December 4 2011- Fix for NextGEN 1.9.x (and hopefully up)
  • v11 – June 24 2011- Fix for NextGEN 1.8.x
  • v10 – December 7 – Fix if gallery already exists
  • v9 – September 28 – Dealing with NextGen 1.6.x
  • v8b – September 26 – Another attempt to fix date/time gallery name (re-download v8)
  • v8a – September 24 – Bug fix in the date/time gallery name (re-download v8)
  • v8 – September 23 – Added optional date and time in gallery name
  • v7 – September 20 – Minor tweaks in the post generation
  • v6 – August 7 – Just code cleanup and FAQ section
  • v5 – July 30 – Option to list images in the content (instead of gallery)
  • v4 – July 24 – Create post or page
  • v3 – July 24 – Fix for Lightroom version 2
  • v2 – July 18 – Second release
  • v1 – June 27 – Initial release


New Adobe Lightroom plugin to export pictures directly to your WordPress blog. It supports NextGEN gallery and WordPress Media library. You can optionally create a post including the exported photos (the post is left in draft mode, so you can edit it later).


You need NextGen installed to create a NextGen gallery obviously.

Installing a Lightroom plugin

  • Download the zip file
  • Unzip the file and copy it to your favorite plugin directory
  • Use the Plugin Manager to add the plugin and activate it

Using the plugin

  • Activate the plugin, as mentioned above
  • Select some pictures and activate “Export …”
  • Select the “Dossier de Presse” plugin in the pulldown menu
  • Make sure your WordPress blog has “XML-RPC” enabled (See WordPress settings). Also, XML-RPC functionality is turned on by default since WordPress 3.5.
  • Put the URL of your blog plus the “xmlrpc.php” add the end:
    • If your blog is at the page “http://example.com/journal”, the correct URL is “http://example.com/journal/xmlrpc.php”
  • Input your username and password for your WordPress blog
  • Select the appropriate export settings and post creation values
  • If you select to create an associated post, Lightroom will try to open the post page for you to edit and publish the post (you have to be logged in on your site for this to work).
  • Check the FAQ for any problems


Here is an example of post generated by the plugin: post


  • Here is the link to the current release v13a: Dossier-de-presse-13.lrplugin (version To deal with NextGen 2.0.x
  • release v12: Dossier-de-presse-12.lrplugin (version
  • release v11: (version
  • release v10: (version
  • release v9: (version
  • release v8: (version
  • release v7: (version
  • release v6: (version
  • release v5: (version
  • release v4: (version
  • release v3: (version
  • release v2: (version
  • release v1: (version
  • It is tested on Windows 7 64-bit and MacOS 10.6.4 , both with Adobe Lightroom 3.0 64bit. I would be interested to hear from your experience with the plugin, especially with other versions of Lightroom and other OSes.
  • You can post some feedback at my blog entry or drop me a note at “luc at lakephoto dot org”


It takes a lot of time and effort to make plugins for Lightroom. Think of making a contribution to cover some of my expenses. I do not enforce any limitation of use and do not check that you made a contribution, but try to comply. Thanks.

  • minimum of $2 and up (as you wish) for non-commercial usage
  • minimum of $20 and up (as you wish) for commercial usage. If you are a commercial entity or sell anything on your site (your art, houses, or anything else) and use my plugin, you qualify for a commercial donation
Non-commercial Commercial

Or support this site by buying on Amazon through this link (it doesn’t cost you anything, and brings me a little, to support the cost of hosting, software licenses, time and equipment):

Amazon referal 1 Amazon referal 2


“Dossier de Presse” means “press kit” in french, I thought it was appropriate.


  • August 2013: v13
    • Fix NextGen v 2.0.x.
  • December 4 2011:
    • Fix NextGen v 1.9.x.
  • June 24 2011:
    • Fix NextGen v 1.8.x.
  • December 7:
    • Fix for the situation where the gallery already exists. It adds the pictures to the gallery. Handled better now.
  • September 28:
    • API change in NextGEN 1.6.x (creating a gallery now returns the new ID, so no need to search for it. Still support for NextGEN 1.5.x
  • September 26:
    • Another attempt to fix #$%!@$ date/time gallery naming
  • September 24:
    • Bug fix in date/time gallery naming
  • September 23:
    • Added an optional date and time suffix to the gallery name (time and date of the gallery publication)
  • September 20:
    • Minor tweaks in the text of the generated posts (added template caption, added main picture in image list format, …)
  • August 7:
    • Some code cleanup (and some debug log). No new functionalities
  • July 30:
    • Option to list images in the content (instead of gallery)
  • July 24 (2):
    • User can select to create a post or a page
    • Fix for the custom content of post or page
    • Fixed the draft mode of the newly published entry
  • July 24 (1):
    • Fix for Lightroom version 2
  • July 18:
    • Button to test credentials
    • Removed size limitation
    • Second release
  • June 27:
    • Limitation to 300×300 pixels
    • Initial release

More plugins

Much more advanced plugins can be found at the following places:


    • Do I have to donate ?
      • Consider the time you save with the plugin. If you’re (or trying to) making money with your site, you have to contribute. If you are not a commercial site, it’s your call.
    • When testing my site, it fails…
      • Make sure the URL you give is correct. It should add ‘xmlrpc.php’ to your site URL. If your site or blog main URL is http://myname.example.com/journal the correct URL is http://myname.example.com/journal/xmlrpc.php
    • When testing my credentials, it fails
      • Make sure the username and password you put are correct and that the user is allowed to write in the site (it should be an ‘admin’ or writer account)
    • My URL and account are correct, but it’s still failing
      • Make sure XMLRPC publishing is enabled on your site (see WordPress settings panel). XML-RPC functionality is turned on by default since WordPress 3.5.
    • I can upload to a WordPress gallery but not to a NextGen gallery
      • Some web servers (provided by hosting sites) have limitations by default that user cannot create files and directories. It seems to be related to some PHP “safe mode”. Search on google for plenty of complaints and solutions. Basically, allow your user to create files and directories (safe mode off)
    • I can upload some small images, but fails for large images
      • Again, some web servers have limitations on the file size you can upload. Increase the values if needed. See your web server configuration and your PHP configuration (for instance the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize PHP variables)
    • It fails by I don’t know why…
      • Always update to the latest release (see download section) and send me the log file produced: send the “DossierDePresse.log” log file to (luc at lakephoto dot org) . On Windows, it’s in c:\user\My Documents on Mac, it’s in /Users/user/Document.
    • I don’t like the content automatically generated, but if I use “custom content”, I loose everything
      • The best solution is to leave the setting to automatic content, and do the final touches to the post or page inside WordPress. The post or page is left in an “unpublished” state after upload, so you have a chance to make the changes you would like. When ready, click publish.
    • You checked everything and it still doesn’t work with NextGen (but it does with WordPress):
      • Make sure you have a recent version of PHP installed (version 5.xx). The NextGen methods are not exposed through XMLRPC when using PHP4. Please update your server (at least for security reasons).
    • I get an error when I connect, the DossierDePresse.log says something like “error 412 precondition failed”
      • It seems that some security module (mod_security) blocks the XMLRPC traffic. You have to enable this or disable mod_security (not the best idea maybe). Some people advice to add the following in your .htaccess file

<Files xmlrpc.php>

SecFilterInheritance Off


  • I get an error when uploading pictures (in the log file, there are errors about creating galleries, directories, or uploading files):
  • Check that your WordPress upload directory is correct and can be written by your webserver. It’s accessible in WordPress, under “Settings” and then the “Media” screen, then check “Store uploads in this folder”. It should be something like “wp-content/uploads”
  • I want to see in NextGen the titles I wrote in Lightroom
  • Modify the post to add the template ‘caption’ to your gallery. Something like ‘
  • I would like to see the title, captions and keywords of my pictures imported into NextGen database
  • When you export your photos, make sure to deselect ‘Minimize Embedded Metadata’ in to the Metadata section of the export panel.

Last edited on September 28, 2010

493 thoughts on ““Dossier de Presse” plugin

  1. XML-RPC is enabled, Mac OS X, LR3, WordPress 3.3, NGG 1.9.1, and I get this:

    “Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=64 UserInfo=0x12a7aac50 “Line 2: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document”

    When testing the connection.

  2. Ein interner Fehler ist aufgetreten: Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=5 “Line 2: Extra content at the end of the document
    ” UserInfo=0x10a51c9f0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Line 2: Extra content at the end of the document

      1. Have a similar error message:

        Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=5 “Line 2: Extra content at the end of the document
        ” UserInfo=0x11fc05d10 {NSLocalizedDescription=Line 2: Extra content at the end of the document

        Is there a solution?

        Using Plugin Version v12, Lightroom Version: 4.0 [814577] , WordPress 3.5, NextGEN 1.9.10

        WordPress is set to German, don’t assume that to be a problem?

        1. As a test, try with a small picture size (like 640×480) and try without any ‘special’ characters, like ß, Ä, Ö, … (if it applies).


  3. Hi,

    thanks for this masterpiece.
    i want to make some donation, but i’ve got a question.
    where can i change the default text at the “post content” export area?


  4. where can i set the width?
    when export a single picture to wordpress the default is 650px “[singlepic id=21 w=650]“.
    where can i define this?

    1. I think you’re confusing the width of the picture at export time and the width at display time. If you want to change the width of the file, use the expert setting in LR. If you want to change the presentation, go inn WordPress and change the width there…

  5. I get the error message in Lightroom 3 (Windows 7, 64) “An internal error has occurred:?:0 attempt to index field ‘?’(a nil value)
    I have enabled XML-RPC in my WordPress site. When I click on the test button it shows that I am connected and username/password is correct.

    I have looked at the FAQ section and don’t see any solutions.
    Would really love to use this plugin if I can get it to work.
    Thank you!

    1. I had the same error message. Eventually found that the plug-in does not like the “@” character in my User Name. If you have the same, try adding a new user in WordPress without the “@” char….it should work.


      1. but you won’t reply i assume?

        as i said it’s no problem to pay, but i want some changes when i pay, otherwise i don’t pay.

    1. I am getting the error message when I “Test Connection”.
      At that point the program does not know what pictures or what sizes I will be uploading, does it?

      1. If you get an error at ‘Test connection’, make sure your URL is correct (blog+xmlrpc.php), and that login and password are correct. Forgoet about the rest if cannot pass that step.

  6. Hi,

    It’s a really nice plugin and I have been trying it out for the last few days. I would defenately like to donate but would want to know if it’s really what I need.

    One of the things I realized is that when entering a list of images (my preferable way of entering images in WP) The image does not get the full width. It’s always 250px.

    Is there a way to modify the code as a “custom content”?

    Thank you,

    1. The plugin sets the size of the uploaded pictures (in fact “you” set the size). The display size in the web page is up to you and your wordpress settings: it depends on what you use to manage your images, either wordpress or nextgen and it’s based on your html code…


  7. I use WordPress.com vs. .org for my site. XML-RPC is automatically enabled for .com sites, but I am receiving the error message below:

    Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=4 “Line 1: Document is empty
    ” UserInfo=0x13cdb01a0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Line 1: Document is empty

    I’m not clear what this error message means. Would love to make this plugin work for me and appreciate your guidance.

    1. Hi,
      Make sure you have the plugin activated in Lightroom. Use the buttons to validate your login/password before try to export some pictures.
      If that still doesn’t work, send me your log file (see the FAQ on how to do this).



  8. Hi

    I’m trying to test your plugin to publish from LR V3.6 to WP 3.3.1, using your latest plug-in version.

    I entered the login details and the “Test Connection” gives an “Connection OK” and the correct xmlrpc.php URL below that, but then immediately after this “OK”, I get an error pop-up (before I try to Export)….

    “an internal error has occurred: ?:0: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)”

    The log entries as follows:

    03/05/2012 20:05:22 TRACE Dossier de Presse plugin: start – version 3 0 12
    03/05/2012 20:05:22 DEBUG supportedMethods 1
    03/05/2012 20:05:23 DEBUG Return ngg.installed: 1.9.3
    03/05/2012 20:05:24 ERROR xmlrpc error getGalleries 403 Bad login/pass combination.
    03/05/2012 20:05:24 DEBUG getGalleries> looking for Fall Colors
    03/05/2012 20:05:24 ERROR xmlrpc error newGallery 403 Bad login/pass combination.
    03/05/2012 20:05:24 DEBUG newGallery found (1.x) 1.9.3 table: 0000000013EDAD60
    03/05/2012 20:05:24 DEBUG Found the created gallery table: 0000000013EDAD60 Fall Colors
    03/05/2012 20:05:29 DEBUG FILE C:\Users\btimm\AppData\Local\Temp\A1BCACC1-CDDA-4700-885D-A662186BFD5A\_MG_8715.jpg _MG_8715.jpg
    03/05/2012 20:06:12 ERROR xmlrpc error ng_uploadImage 403 Bad login/pass combination.
    03/05/2012 20:06:12 DEBUG Uploaded file
    03/05/2012 20:06:13 ERROR xmlrpc error metaWeblog.getPost 0 403 Bad login/pass combination.
    03/05/2012 20:09:13 DEBUG UploadTask.testConnection: num_methods 1
    03/05/2012 20:09:17 ERROR xmlrpc error wp.getUsersBlogs 403 Bad login/pass combination.

  9. Perhaps because the “WordPress Address (URL)” in the WordPress Settings is different to the “Site Address (URL)” address?

    i.e. I have my Site Homepage in a different directory to the WordPress installation.

  10. My WP settings are fine…the site works 100%, and has done for many years, even though it’s been pretty static for a while.

    I was hoping to use this plug-in because it seems to be the answer to what I was looking for…perhaps I’ll play around with the plug-in and WP settings a bit more and see if I can figure out the problem.

    Thanks anyway.

    1. if you have wordpress installed in a sub-directory, the URL should include the subdirectory:
      for a site: exampledomain.com with WordPress installed in ‘/wordpress’, you should specify exampledomain.com/wordpress/xmlrpc.php even if the root of your site is at exampledomain.com


  11. Hi Luc

    Yes, I specify the full path as follows “http://www.timmfamily.com/blog/xmlrpc.php” and it validates correctly with the “Connection OK” pop-up message, but immediately after I hit “OK” on that pop-up, it fails with another pop-up message ….

    “An internal error has occurred: ?:0: attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value)”

    The contents of the “Post Content:” box in the Export dialog is as follows….

    [singlepic id=pic_id w=450]A new gallery:… [nggallery id=gallery_id

    Not sure if that helps?

  12. I’m not sure why you say that http://www.timmfamily.com/blog does not exist?
    That is my blog site URL. You are not seeing my blog front page?

    I used the WP documentation link that you provided (thanks) when I first setup my site, some years ago. I’ve had no issues at all with that configuration.

    Now, while trying to fix the issue I’m seeing with this plug-in install, I’ve reconfigured my site so that the site address again requires the sub-dir (the site URL and the WordPress IRL are again identical as


    But I’m still having the issue after the lug-in validates my log-in successfully. I’ll keep trying things….it’s got me now hooked to find the issue! :-)

  13. Ok, problem solved!

    The plug-in apparently does not like wordpress User Names with the “@” char in them!

    My Username was “barry@timmfamily”

    This works fine in WordPress.

    I added a new user without the “@” char and the plug-in works. (well, at least it seems to…I still need to play with it.


  14. XML-RPC is enabled, Mac OS X (10.7.3), LR4, WordPress 3.3.1. Just installed and have tried everything, always get this:

    “An internal error has occurred.
    Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=4
    “Line 1: Documentis empty

  15. The plugin has not been working for me since I updated to LR4. I continually get “An internal error has occurred: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)

      1. Hi, Luc. I am having the same problem on a Mac with LR4 under Lion. I’m happy to send you the log files — but I’m a newbie. Can you tell me where LR4 stores its log files for plug-ins?

  16. First off, love the concept of the plugin. I am having only one concern. If I can fix this it’s perfect.

    Resizing doesn’t work proper. I try to limit the dimensions (turning off scale), or the short edge or the long edge and it just doesn’t work. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I am getting a bit frustrated. Any ideas?

    1. Hmmm… I’m not sure I understand. The resizing of the pictures is done by Lightroom, as for any export plugin, I cannot change that. You should check the Lightroom documentation or this blog entry for instance:
      It should clarify what the various settings are.

      Also, do not confuse the dimension of the images (the file) and the way the image is presented by WordPress in your browser. They can be quite different (but that’s up to you in wordpress or nextgen).


      1. Well, here are my settings: http://cl.ly/3K0H3c0339181P0o1s1l

        An image that 1600×1067 is is resized to 450×300 given the settings above. I don’t understand why. I’ve tried to limit the file size and such via quality, but I have to resize or I max out my PHP limitations of wordpress.

        Any ideas?

        1. If you get images limited to 300 pixels, you are using a very very very old version of the plugin. Please update.


  17. Thanks for this great plugin.
    I have an issue with the naming of the images. I’ve selected to use the caption of the image for example “portrait” in order to create a “portrait.jpg” file on my WP.
    Dossier de Presse systematically adds “WPID-” in front of the name so the final file is named “WPID-portrait.jpg” on WP.
    What is wrong in my settings ?

    Thanks for your help.

  18. Luc,
    I’d like to add some additional functionality to the plugin. For example, I’d like to pull the Job Identifier into the Post title, and in the post body as well. This was I can use it for my custom naming, the post, and the gallery name, and in the shortcode within the post. Also, I want to add a shortcode for the JJ NextGen JQuery Slider plugin. Is the source code on GitHub by chance? Thanks!

    P.S. I wrote a Mac Spotlight importer so Mac users can use the native search functionality in OSX to find what catalogs a particular filename exists in. Check it out here: http://tro.pe/JAl2A4


  19. Great plugin – thanks!

    Question: I’m trying to customize the content of a NextGen gallery post. I’d just like to show the gallery itself. So my Post Content field looks like this:
    [nggallery id=gallery_id template=caption]

    But it looks like “gallery_id” isn’t being filled in properly – in admin, the post now reads exactly as above, and on the front end it reads, “[Gallery not found]”

    Am I doing something wrong?


    1. yes, when in ‘custom content’ mode, the variables are not expanded (replaced by their values). It’s just a text box.
      The best way to do this is to remain in ‘Automatic’ mode and edit the generated post inside WordPress.
      The post is not published right away for that reason (left in Draft mode) and you have to go in WordPress and click Publish (after you edit it or not).
      I agree, variable expansion would be nice, maybe for next release…


      1. Hi,

        I just came across this, and it’s been bugging me, too. All I want to do is past single images, rather than entire galleries, but the only way I can see to do this with a selected image is to manually type in the id number, after posting. Please add this functionality :-)

        Otherwise, I love the tool, and unlike Arjan, I have donated :-b



  20. Errors on both wordpress gallery and nexgen.

    1. NexGen/Wordpress export:
    “unable to export: An internal error has occurred: bad argument #1 to ‘openUrlInBrowser’ (string expected, got nil)”. No page is created nothing happens on my wordpress site. I will pay you to help me fix this. Email me.

    2. WordPress type, publishes just a vertical list of images not formatted in any sort of gallery form. In your instructions you should list that a shortcode gallery needs to be made saved, then your code should be removed. Bam! it works!


        1. Did it ever work (before any sort of upgrade) ?
          Send me your log file, and I’ll have a look. It’s odd.


    1. “1. NexGen/Wordpress export:
      “unable to export: An internal error has occurred: bad argument #1 to ‘openUrlInBrowser’ (string expected, got nil)”. No page is created nothing happens on my wordpress site.”

      I have this problem too, was a fix found?

      I have LR3 3.4.1 64 bit and my WP is up to date. I downloaded your plugin today, so that is up to date also

  21. Nice plug-in however, the metadata does not get transferred correctly to WP.com. e.g. the IPTC captions does not get transferred and instead the title is given the file name prefixed with “wpid”. Also there seems to be no way to only publish the images in a gallery (with no images directly published on the post itself. Doing so seems to upload the images but in a “Unattached” mode in which case the [gallery] shortcode does not work. Hopefully you can address these in a future version. Thanks – Raj

    1. The plugin does not modify the image file: if you IPTC caption are not maintained, check your export settings in LR and your settings in WordPress. My plugin doesn’t touch these.

      The filename with ‘wpid’ is generated by WordPress, the plugin has no control over this.

      I don’t think WordPress exposes an API to attach images to post. The images are automatically attached if linked into the post. If you want to do galleries (WordPress is really weak in that aspect), I strongly advise you to install the NextGen gallery module, much better than the basic WordPress media management.


    2. it’s sad.. but exporting the images “Unattached” is totally useless. why should i use the annoying nextgen with wp 3.5 and imagemagick running on my server? there is any other reason for using NextGen that can change my mind LUC?

  22. awesome plugin I have been using it with LR4.

    Only problem I have run into is when using the “Custom content” option to populate the new post with general information the pic_id does not get populated using the NextGen gallery BUT

    if i use your automatically generated text the pic_id is handled properly.

    WP = latest

    Awsome plugin again though especially being another Chicagoian.

  23. also just a suggestion if it isn’t already possable.

    If choosing custom text it would be nice to be able to set the post title to the photo title using a tag. that way the posts are uniquely titled. something like [filename] or [copy name]…… you get the idea.

  24. Hi Luc, great product for getting images quickly and efficiently into wordpress.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve the problem of wordpress not respecting the title and caption IPTC fields. I don’t know whether that is even possible with the xmlrpc interface. I’ve read that NextGen is the way to go but unfortunately not for wordpress.com users :(


    1. Sorry, the XMLRPC API doesn’t let you update the metadata of the pictures. Funny enough, the upload using the browser maintains the metadata. Go figure…

  25. Started throwing an error message the last couple of days. I think there was a Next-Gen update in there as well.


    2012-07-22 11:02:54 +0000, TRACE Dossier de Presse plugin: start – version 3 0 12
    2012-07-22 11:02:55 +0000, DEBUG supportedMethods 1
    2012-07-22 11:02:56 +0000, DEBUG Return ngg.installed: 1.9.5
    2012-07-22 11:02:57 +0000, DEBUG getGalleries> looking for Glacier Flowers
    2012-07-22 11:02:57 +0000, DEBUG UploadTask.findGallery found 162
    2012-07-22 11:02:57 +0000, DEBUG Found the created gallery 162 Glacier Flowers
    2012-07-22 11:02:57 +0000, DEBUG FILE /var/folders/2d/ssvh8vlj6_s7lm3m5y6tv1l00000gn/T/D4695A1F-27A3-4B04-8115-3A549EC0CC17/FLWRwendorff055.jpg FLWRwendorff055.jpg

    This is the error message:
    Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=9 “Line 15: PCDATA invalid Char value 1
    ” UserInfo=0x15cd0f1d0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Line 15: PCDATA invalid Char value 1

  26. Seems to have been a false alarm….sorry about that. Somehow both of the images that I was trying to upload had some weird file corruption. I could see and edit them in Lightroom however Photoshop would not open the files.

    I can upload correctly again and as usual. This plugin has worked so well for so long that I figured it must be error on my part it just took a while to track it down.

    Thanks Luc.

  27. Hi Luc

    Got a funny problem here – the plugin’s working great on three computers, but my client just purchased a new iMac: Lion/Lightroom 4, just like on his previous laptop and my own. With Resize to fit checked, all his images scale to 300×200, even though it’s set to 1000×1000. Uncheck resize to fit=images upload full size (5600px wide). Have you seen this before? Are we missing something obvious?
    Log file: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2181574/DossierDePresse.log

    Thanks for any help.


  28. Hi,
    I have just downloaded the latest version of your plugin and am using the latest version of LR4 on a Mac running 10.6.8. I cannot get past the test connection phase of posting, it say’s “Connection Failed: http://ridgelinemotionpictures.com/blog/xmlrpc.php” followed by another window that says “Credentials Failed.” I have tried my username/password combo 5,000 times, tried changing my password, login/out of my WordPress Admin page, checked the DB to ensure XMLRPC was enabled, tried various URL’s, to no avail. Has anyone else had this problem?

      1. Luc,
        You sly dog, you. I guess I thought it had to be the page which actually hosted posts, hence “/blog/xmlrpc.php” Anyhow, you’re a mad genius, I’ll now give you some money. Thanks for all yer hard work, if I ever meet you I’ll gladly buy you a beer.
        Happily signing off,

  29. Hi,

    I have a strange failure. When I want to upload some images as an NextGEN Gallery, the plugin creates the new gallery correctly but it does not upload any pictures, but Lightroom also does not throw any errors. When I upload the images directly over the admin interface everything works fine. Would be nice if someone has a hint for me.


    1. Hi,
      Make sure your web-server allows for files and directories to be created by the user account you use to login…
      Send me your log file (see FAQ), I can have a look…


  30. Hi, I’m getting an error which reads :
    “Unable to export:
    An internal error has occurred: Access to undefined global: result”

    This is LR2.2 and WP 3.4.2

    An ideas what’s going on here ?

  31. Very nice LR Plugin.
    Thank You.

    If it helps others:

    First i got the “An internal error has occurred: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)- error.
    Problem: password with @ in it.

    After adding a new user wihtout an @ in the passwort i got the
    “unable to export: An internal error has occurred: bad argument #1 to ‘openUrlInBrowser’ (string expected, got nil)” – Error
    Problem: The new User was not Adminstrator – so i had to change the permissions of NextGenGallery

    I hope it helps.


  32. I also get ‘An internal error has occurred: bad argument #1 to ‘openUrlInBrowser’ (string expected, got nil)’.

    Unfortunately, I do not find a problem with my user – he is an administrator. I also tried with a new user with administrator rights.

    But the problem seems to be related with permissions. The log says:
    ‘xmlrpc error getGalleries 401 Sorry, you must be able to manage galleries’

    Testing the connection works well. Maybe the problem occurs because I use Role Scoper?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


    1. Just wanted to add that an update to the new version of Role Scoper (1.3.57) fixed the problem. Thanks a lot for this excellent plugin!

  33. Recently upgraded to LR 4.2, when I try and export I get an error message.
    Unable to Export:
    An internal error has occurred: bad argument #1 to ‘match’ (string expected, got nil)

  34. Hi Luc.

    Interesting plugin! I’ve been trying on Mac OS X.8.2, LR4.1 to WordPress 3.4.2, but am running in to something that I don’t know whether it’s something on my system, or with WordPress itself.
    The plugin is creating the post on the server (both the local testing and the remote), transferring the images to the server and adding them in to the media database, but it’s not attaching the images from the upload to the post and that’s needing to be done manually from the Media library in WP.

    Somehow I don’t think it’s the plugin that’s causing this, just trying to work out what it is though (next tasks are to dump the server logs and see if I can capture the XML-RPC traffic as well) to see if it’s something with WordPress itself, or a currently unknown aspect.

    1. Did you edit the post from within the plugin ? The better workflow is to let the plugin generate the post (that’s how the images are linked to the post). You can then edit the post the way you like from within WordPress, and then publish it (the plugin doesn’t publish the post, just leaves it in draft mode).
      If you’re serious about pictures and gallery, I’d advise trying NextGen gallery (wordpress plugin) which offers much more options than the minimal media features in WordPress.


      1. Hi Luc, sorry for the delay in getting back, too many things on the go and not enough time!

        I’ve been trying all sorts with it, and it’s just started working on attaching images to posts which was the main issue I was finding with it after I tried it on the Beta 3 version of 3.5 on Lightroom 4.3 RC (though not on 4.2); though I tried NextGen but it broke too many things on the site like the multi-language support and also the menu systems so that wasn’t a viable option hacking that to make it work right.

        I’m suspecting it was something beyond your control on it, but it’s doing what I want now and I’m pleased with it! Thanks for a good plugin!

  35. I have a lightroom directory of 54 files that I am trying to upload to wordpress. It works fine for most of the images. However there are certain images that seem to cause problems. When I look in the log file I see the following:

    10/16/2012 09:27:22 TRACE Dossier de Presse plugin: start – version 3 0 12
    10/16/2012 09:27:23 DEBUG supportedMethods 1
    10/16/2012 09:27:23 DEBUG Return ngg.installed: 1.9.6
    10/16/2012 09:27:24 DEBUG getGalleries> looking for Fireworks
    10/16/2012 09:27:24 DEBUG UploadTask.findGallery found 14
    10/16/2012 09:27:24 DEBUG Found the created gallery 14 Fireworks
    10/16/2012 09:27:28 DEBUG FILE C:\Users\Victor Marsh\AppData\Local\Temp0A59A62-CD41-43A9-8B7A-12174D1D3FC8\Fireworks (41 of 14).jpg Fireworks (41 of 14).jpg
    10/16/2012 09:27:39 ERROR http error ng_uploadImage: 500 :

    Can you shed light on the error message?

    1. ‘500’ is a web server error. Maybe you hit a upload limit on your server (see PHP variables)…
      As a test, can you try fewer images at a time ? Also try smaller images ?
      Let me know if there’s any difference…


      1. It seems to be image dependent. I try and upload a single image and it will fail with one particular image, then I try another one in the same library and it works fine.

        10/16/2012 09:29:30 TRACE Dossier de Presse plugin: end
        10/16/2012 12:29:26 TRACE Dossier de Presse plugin: start – version 3 0 12
        10/16/2012 12:29:29 DEBUG supportedMethods 1
        10/16/2012 12:29:29 DEBUG Return ngg.installed: 1.9.6
        10/16/2012 12:29:30 DEBUG getGalleries> looking for test
        10/16/2012 12:29:31 DEBUG newGallery found (1.x) 1.9.6 15
        10/16/2012 12:29:31 DEBUG Found the created gallery 15 test
        10/16/2012 12:29:34 DEBUG FILE C:\Users\Victor Marsh\AppData\Local\Temp\6E07F229-B12B-4368-A294-2FAB78D30CB6\test (1 of 1).jpg test (1 of 1).jpg
        10/16/2012 12:29:45 ERROR http error ng_uploadImage: 500 :
        10/16/2012 12:30:51 TRACE Dossier de Presse plugin: start – version 3 0 12
        10/16/2012 12:30:52 DEBUG supportedMethods 1
        10/16/2012 12:30:52 DEBUG Return ngg.installed: 1.9.6
        10/16/2012 12:30:53 DEBUG getGalleries> looking for test
        10/16/2012 12:30:53 DEBUG UploadTask.findGallery found 15
        10/16/2012 12:30:53 DEBUG Found the created gallery 15 test
        10/16/2012 12:30:57 DEBUG FILE C:\Users\Victor Marsh\AppData\Local\Temp\CC54D24D-F9CF-47D4-B1D7-A092A55CD336\test (1 of 1).jpg test (1 of 1).jpg
        10/16/2012 12:31:05 DEBUG Uploaded file http://www.vicmarshphotography.com/wp-content/gallery/test/test-1-of-11.jpg 527
        10/16/2012 12:31:05 TRACE Dossier de Presse plugin: end

        1. Ok this is very interesting. I took the image I was having trouble with into develop mode in LR. It had a crop setting locked to a 1 to 1 ratio. I unlocked the croping aspect ration and modified the cropping just a little (so it was not 1 to 1) and retried the upload again with just the single image. It worked fine.

        2. One final note. After modifying the two images that were causing me problems (changing aspect ratio slightly in the develop module) I was able to upload all 54 of my fireworks images to a NexGen gallery with no problem.

  36. Thanks for creating this useful plugin. I thinks it’s simple and very effective to use!

    I am however experiencing a bit of difficulty. I’m trying to export images and add them directly to an existing WordPress gallery. Every time I export photos from LR4.2 they appear as unattached media on WordPress. I did another test by creating a Nextgen Gallery and that seemed to work but my theme doesn’t work well with NextGen. Is this a 4.2 bug or am I missing something?


    1. When using the WordPress output, you have to use the ‘automatic content’ option, because Worpdress will create the link between the post and the images only if the images are there. You can edit the post later in the wordpress web interface.
      It’s annoying but that’s the way the xmlrpc api for wordpress works. One of the reason I like NextGen better.
      By the way, it’s odd that a theme would interfere with NextGen. It’s really two different components.


  37. I got it to work using http, but I would prefer to use it over https. Using the https url, “Test Connection” fails. I couldn’t find anyone else asking about https or ssl; is this a known issue or am I doing something incorrectly?

    1. Interesting question, and I’ve never tried. But, my guess is that it’s completely up to your site to be configured to use https. The plugin uses the url you gave, and if your site is not setup for https, there’s nothing it can do about it.


  38. Using latest version of plugin with LR3 and get error message “bad argument to ‘match'(string expected, got nil)” when attempting to export to my WordPress.com site. The connection tests out ok, so I am not sure why it cannot export… Hope you can offer some insight. Thanks in advance.

      1. Sorry for delay in response (expected an email notice and only today thought to look on the site itself). Yes, I do get both popups. Turned out to be a user error: settings were set for Next instead of WordPress. Works fine on Win7 64-bit with LR3.

  39. Bonjour Luc,

    Tout d’abord merci pour votre plugin qui est très utile !

    Depuis la mise à jour de LR4.3 j’ai une erreur dans les logs :”xmlrpc error ng_uploadImage 405 XML-RPC services are disabled on this blog.”

    Malheureusement le XML-RPC n’est pas désactivé (WP 3.5) Et le test de connection du plugin est OK.

    J’ai beau chercher mais je ne trouve rien…

    Pouvez-vous m’aider ?
    Merci d’avance et bon week-end !


  40. Doesn’t seem to be working for WordPress 3.5 log file says XML-RPC isn’t enabled but in WordPress 3.5 it is enabled by default and is unable to be disabled.

  41. Hi Luc,

    unfortunately for me the same problem:

    An internal error has occurred:?:0 attempt to index field ‘?’(a nil value)

    when trying to export pictures from LR 4.3 to my WordPress Site.
    Any idea how to solve this?

    Thanks and best regards

  42. I was testing Lightroom 4.2, your Dossier de Presse v.12 plugin w/ WordPress 3.5, and I can’t seem to get the metadata (captions / descriptions) to export from Lightroom to WordPress. The copyright watermark works, but not the captions…. They are empty after exporting to WordPress. Also, I can’t see any ‘Minimize Embedded Metadata’ option on export at all w/ v.12 and Lightroom 4.2. It’s just an export to a WordPress ‘gallery’ and then I just add the photos in manually after with a ‘galleria’ plugin as the photo displayer, as my friend wants that look and feel for the photo gallery. I already fixed the XML bug issue with WP 3.5 btw. Thanks!

    1. For clarity, this is outside the scope of my plugin: the plugin doesn’t touch the image generated by LR, and merely transport it and passes it to the WP XMLRPC API.

      What you observe is the normal behavior of WP through its XMLRPC API. Metadata is not gathered and maintained. That’s why I keep telling people to only use WP media library just for the odd image in your site (banner, random pics, …). Your photographs should be maintained in a better management system, hence the existence of the NextGEN gallery plugin for WP. It offers much more options, maintains metadata (title, caption, tags, and all the exif data). It’s much more powerful.

      About “Minimize Embedded Metadata”: in one of the updates to LR, the name change into a ‘Metadata’ tab that offers you multiple options.


  43. Hi Luc,

    when resizing the photos zu 640px or 700px it works. When invcreasing this, the strange part starts:

    Somewhere between 750 and 1000 px (longest border) I run into the following error:
    [NSXMLDocument initWithXMLString:options:error:]: nil argument

    When increasing the size above 1000 px I get the previous error again:
    Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=5 “Line 2: Extra content at the end of the document
    ” UserInfo=0x10fc885e0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Line 2: Extra content at the end of the document

    About the characters, I tried photos with and without special chars (german Umlauts (ä,ö,ü) and “:”) in the metadata (ttile and description), that made no difference to the behaviour…


    1. It probably means that you’re hitting the upload limits defined by your web server. Check your PHP variables (I believe it’s in the FAQ).


      1. Hi Luc,

        sounds strange, because when uploading one of the big files “manually” to the NextGEN Gallery, there is no problem…. Publishing the same file through the export plugin causes the described error…


  44. When I am creating a WordPress Gallery and a new Blog Post, the uploaded files are not associated with the post. I would be nice if they were (much like the built in WP upload files); please consider that as a new feature.
    Thank you,

    1. The files are associated with the post if you use either of the automatically generated post modes. This is how the WordPress API works.
      Just use either two modes, and edit the content of the post using WordPress’ interface. That’s one reason why the posts are left in Draft mode and not published right away.


  45. Thanks for the prompt reply. I must be missing something. NextGen uploads go into a gallery with an id etc. all is good. But when I generate a new blog post for a WP gallery, the files only go into the Media library. I have been manually associating the images with the post. Note that I am generating custom code. WP is 3.5.1 and LR 4 is upto date and I refreshed your plugin recently.

  46. Hello! I have just downloaded your plug-in on a new computer….and I admit to being computer challenged, I tried to export a test photo to my wordpress blog and I got this error message “An internal error has occurred: Error Domain=NSXMLParserErrorDomain Code=4 “Line 1: Document is empty
    ” UserInfo=0x10878d690 {NSLocalizedDescription=Line 1: Document is empty
    }” Is there a place to go to for more complete directions (for dummies)??
    I will happily donate once I can figure it out!!


  47. I am back – had to go to work for a few days….where is the “testing connection” that I should be seeing? Where do I validate login and password? Thanks

  48. When trying to validate my credentials for this plugin I get the following error: An internal error has occurred: Reference to undefinied entity ‘raquo’ My site is hosted at wordpress.com. I’m using LR 4.3 on Windows 8.

  49. I’m an idiot. Somewhere along the line I dropped the xmlrpc.php off the end of the url. It works beautifully if you only follow the directions. Thanks for the prompt reply

  50. Hi Luc.
    Just testing your fantastic plugin on a new site I’m hoping to take live in July. It all works as you say. I’ll donate $20 before it goes live.
    I wonder if you would be prepared, and at what cost, to make some specific modifications?
    I’d love to remove the “A new gallery: and “A gallery: prefixes. I’d also love to specify a “featured image” for the resulting post. Lastly, I’d love to be able to set a default key image (a user headshot) from the user database from my site – although I’ll admit I haven’t worked out yet how I will do this.

    1. I agree with “A new gallery:”, I always start by removing it.

      I’ll check the “featured image” support, I’m not sure if it’s in the API. But it would be interesting.

      I’m thinking of adding more customization for the post in next release.


  51. Hi Luc! GREAT plugin! Thank you so much for it! I just seem to have a small problem I like to send images to post later on WP so I select in your plugin “Entry type: No entry created”. In Lightroom 4 it worked perfectly but now in Lightroom 5 it publishes the image I send immediately (as opposed to just adding them to the general gallery pool of images).

    Is there anything that I can do? BTW it is happening with more than one WP blog.

    1. Hi Chris,
      I’m not sure I understand, we probably use WordPress differently than I do. Do you use the WordPress built-in media library or the NextGEN gallery ? I mostly use the latter.
      I don’t see how an image is ‘published’ without being attach to a post or page ?
      I’m not sure if there would be a difference between LR4 and LR5.
      Isn’t a difference in your WordPress setup…


      1. Hi Luc,

        I’m using the WP built in media library on two different blogs and getting the same exact problem. The plugin is ignoring my “Entry Type: No entry created” selection and its like its defaulting to “Entry Type: New blog post” every time. Even though the visual selection is showing as “Entry Type: No entry created”.

        I Hope I didn’t make this confusing.

        How I use this plugin is just to upload a bunch of images at one time to my media library for posting later from within WP. But every image that I select images in Lightroom 5 and export with the current version of the plugin they are created as posts and appear on the site right after upload as if I selected the “Entry Type: New blog post” in the plugin. But the whole time my clicked selection is “Entry Type: No entry created”.

        1. Ok, i understand now.
          Maybe you could try to uninstall/reinstall the plugin.
          Send me your log file if you can (DossierDePresse.log), maybe there’s a clue there…
          I’ll check the code too.


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