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“Dossier de Presse” plugin


  • April 21, 2015: Works fine for me with Lightroom 6 – Lightroom CC (let me know in case of problems)
  • August 25, 2013: v13 temporary version dealing with NextGen 2.0.x. It should still work with version 1.9.x (I still use this version)
  • July 31st, 2013: Seems Oh SO NOT OK with NextGen 2.0.x. A lot of users on WordPress forums have issues with the update, so I’d advise to wait a little bit before updating (it breaks some nextgen plugins and templates). Let me know if you notice any problems
  • June 11th, 2013: Works fine with LR5. Let me know if you notice any problems
  • April 15th, 2013: Seems to work fine with LR5 Beta. Let me know if you notice any problems
  • December 18th, 2012: Use NextGen 1.9.10 (and up) if you’re using WordPress 3.5
  • December 16th, 2012: See this post, if you want to fix NextGen 1.9.8 and WordPress 3.5
  • December 16th, 2012: It seems WordPress 3.5 changed its API. I’m looking into the problem. Stay with WP 3.4.x if you need the plugin. I’m looking into it…
  • March 6th, 2012: It seems to work fine with LR4 final. Let me know if you notice something wrong
  • If you’re interested, it seems to work fine with LR4 beta 1
  • v12 – December 4 2011- Fix for NextGEN 1.9.x (and hopefully up)
  • v11 – June 24 2011- Fix for NextGEN 1.8.x
  • v10 – December 7 – Fix if gallery already exists
  • v9 – September 28 – Dealing with NextGen 1.6.x
  • v8b – September 26 – Another attempt to fix date/time gallery name (re-download v8)
  • v8a – September 24 – Bug fix in the date/time gallery name (re-download v8)
  • v8 – September 23 – Added optional date and time in gallery name
  • v7 – September 20 – Minor tweaks in the post generation
  • v6 – August 7 – Just code cleanup and FAQ section
  • v5 – July 30 – Option to list images in the content (instead of gallery)
  • v4 – July 24 – Create post or page
  • v3 – July 24 – Fix for Lightroom version 2
  • v2 – July 18 – Second release
  • v1 – June 27 – Initial release


New Adobe Lightroom plugin to export pictures directly to your WordPress blog. It supports NextGEN gallery and WordPress Media library. You can optionally create a post including the exported photos (the post is left in draft mode, so you can edit it later).


You need NextGen installed to create a NextGen gallery obviously.

Installing a Lightroom plugin

  • Download the zip file
  • Unzip the file and copy it to your favorite plugin directory
  • Use the Plugin Manager to add the plugin and activate it

Using the plugin

  • Activate the plugin, as mentioned above
  • Select some pictures and activate “Export …”
  • Select the “Dossier de Presse” plugin in the pulldown menu
  • Make sure your WordPress blog has “XML-RPC” enabled (See WordPress settings). Also, XML-RPC functionality is turned on by default since WordPress 3.5.
  • Put the URL of your blog plus the “xmlrpc.php” add the end:
    • If your blog is at the page “”, the correct URL is “”
  • Input your username and password for your WordPress blog
  • Select the appropriate export settings and post creation values
  • If you select to create an associated post, Lightroom will try to open the post page for you to edit and publish the post (you have to be logged in on your site for this to work).
  • Check the FAQ for any problems


Here is an example of post generated by the plugin: post


  • Here is the link to the current release v13a: Dossier-de-presse-13.lrplugin (version To deal with NextGen 2.0.x
  • release v12: Dossier-de-presse-12.lrplugin (version
  • release v11: (version
  • release v10: (version
  • release v9: (version
  • release v8: (version
  • release v7: (version
  • release v6: (version
  • release v5: (version
  • release v4: (version
  • release v3: (version
  • release v2: (version
  • release v1: (version
  • It is tested on Windows 7 64-bit and MacOS 10.6.4 , both with Adobe Lightroom 3.0 64bit. I would be interested to hear from your experience with the plugin, especially with other versions of Lightroom and other OSes.
  • You can post some feedback at my blog entry or drop me a note at “luc at lakephoto dot org”


It takes a lot of time and effort to make plugins for Lightroom. Think of making a contribution to cover some of my expenses. I do not enforce any limitation of use and do not check that you made a contribution, but try to comply. Thanks.

  • minimum of $2 and up (as you wish) for non-commercial usage
  • minimum of $20 and up (as you wish) for commercial usage. If you are a commercial entity or sell anything on your site (your art, houses, or anything else) and use my plugin, you qualify for a commercial donation
Non-commercial Commercial

Or support this site by buying on Amazon through this link (it doesn’t cost you anything, and brings me a little, to support the cost of hosting, software licenses, time and equipment):

Amazon referal 1 Amazon referal 2


“Dossier de Presse” means “press kit” in french, I thought it was appropriate.


  • August 2013: v13
    • Fix NextGen v 2.0.x.
  • December 4 2011:
    • Fix NextGen v 1.9.x.
  • June 24 2011:
    • Fix NextGen v 1.8.x.
  • December 7:
    • Fix for the situation where the gallery already exists. It adds the pictures to the gallery. Handled better now.
  • September 28:
    • API change in NextGEN 1.6.x (creating a gallery now returns the new ID, so no need to search for it. Still support for NextGEN 1.5.x
  • September 26:
    • Another attempt to fix #$%!@$ date/time gallery naming
  • September 24:
    • Bug fix in date/time gallery naming
  • September 23:
    • Added an optional date and time suffix to the gallery name (time and date of the gallery publication)
  • September 20:
    • Minor tweaks in the text of the generated posts (added template caption, added main picture in image list format, …)
  • August 7:
    • Some code cleanup (and some debug log). No new functionalities
  • July 30:
    • Option to list images in the content (instead of gallery)
  • July 24 (2):
    • User can select to create a post or a page
    • Fix for the custom content of post or page
    • Fixed the draft mode of the newly published entry
  • July 24 (1):
    • Fix for Lightroom version 2
  • July 18:
    • Button to test credentials
    • Removed size limitation
    • Second release
  • June 27:
    • Limitation to 300×300 pixels
    • Initial release

More plugins

Much more advanced plugins can be found at the following places:


    • Do I have to donate ?
      • Consider the time you save with the plugin. If you’re (or trying to) making money with your site, you have to contribute. If you are not a commercial site, it’s your call.
    • When testing my site, it fails…
      • Make sure the URL you give is correct. It should add ‘xmlrpc.php’ to your site URL. If your site or blog main URL is the correct URL is
    • When testing my credentials, it fails
      • Make sure the username and password you put are correct and that the user is allowed to write in the site (it should be an ‘admin’ or writer account)
    • My URL and account are correct, but it’s still failing
      • Make sure XMLRPC publishing is enabled on your site (see WordPress settings panel). XML-RPC functionality is turned on by default since WordPress 3.5.
    • I can upload to a WordPress gallery but not to a NextGen gallery
      • Some web servers (provided by hosting sites) have limitations by default that user cannot create files and directories. It seems to be related to some PHP “safe mode”. Search on google for plenty of complaints and solutions. Basically, allow your user to create files and directories (safe mode off)
    • I can upload some small images, but fails for large images
      • Again, some web servers have limitations on the file size you can upload. Increase the values if needed. See your web server configuration and your PHP configuration (for instance the post_max_size and upload_max_filesize PHP variables)
    • It fails by I don’t know why…
      • Always update to the latest release (see download section) and send me the log file produced: send the “DossierDePresse.log” log file to (luc at lakephoto dot org) . On Windows, it’s in c:\user\My Documents on Mac, it’s in /Users/user/Document.
    • I don’t like the content automatically generated, but if I use “custom content”, I loose everything
      • The best solution is to leave the setting to automatic content, and do the final touches to the post or page inside WordPress. The post or page is left in an “unpublished” state after upload, so you have a chance to make the changes you would like. When ready, click publish.
    • You checked everything and it still doesn’t work with NextGen (but it does with WordPress):
      • Make sure you have a recent version of PHP installed (version 5.xx). The NextGen methods are not exposed through XMLRPC when using PHP4. Please update your server (at least for security reasons).
    • I get an error when I connect, the DossierDePresse.log says something like “error 412 precondition failed”
      • It seems that some security module (mod_security) blocks the XMLRPC traffic. You have to enable this or disable mod_security (not the best idea maybe). Some people advice to add the following in your .htaccess file

<Files xmlrpc.php>

SecFilterInheritance Off


  • I get an error when uploading pictures (in the log file, there are errors about creating galleries, directories, or uploading files):
  • Check that your WordPress upload directory is correct and can be written by your webserver. It’s accessible in WordPress, under “Settings” and then the “Media” screen, then check “Store uploads in this folder”. It should be something like “wp-content/uploads”
  • I want to see in NextGen the titles I wrote in Lightroom
  • Modify the post to add the template ‘caption’ to your gallery. Something like ‘
  • I would like to see the title, captions and keywords of my pictures imported into NextGen database
  • When you export your photos, make sure to deselect ‘Minimize Embedded Metadata’ in to the Metadata section of the export panel.

Last edited on September 28, 2010