Last Bowl

This week was the last class (two sessions in fact) (from Bauhaus Woodshop, I almost finished my last bowl, supposed to be a natural-edge bowl, but not very much so (I roughed out too much in the beginning).

In the following pictures, you can see some progression in the work, from the raw wood to an almost finished piece. I just need to sand the inside, cut the tenon, more sanding and finally apply some finish (oil/wax).

Overall, it was pretty fun, I made three different bowls, with some progress I guess. I’m up for the next class, after one week break.

Wood Turning

Here are a few pictures (iphone pics) taken during the bowl turning classes (from Bauhaus Woodshop, I made two bowls so far, working on the third and last one for this session.

Here is bowl #1, almost finished, after sanding the inside and outside. Just have to finish the base and cut the tenon. In the top view, you can see some pink marks in the wood (boxed elder wood).

Here is the start of bowl #2. Pick your choice, this time a block of oak. Some beetles carved tunnels full of sawdust in the wood, making some nice shapes in the bowl.

Here’s bowl #2 finished. I just have to apply some oil and wax. Next class…

Bowl #1 and #2 side by side

Start of bowl #3. It should be a natural-edge bowl (not a round top, maybe some bark left), so I am using the whole log this time. This one was really wet, cold and slimy. Water was splashing around while I was roughing it.
In my enthusiasm, I might have cleaned it a bit to much for a natural-edge bowl (see the egg shape). I might have to improvise in the last two sessions next week.

Zilker Botanical Garden

After a week of noise, people and technology, we took a couple of hours in the cold morning to visit the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, Tx. In the morning light, we mostly took our time alone around the Japanese garden, the ponds and the rose garden. We avoided the DinoLand (dinosaur exhibit) part of the garden and the school kids. Funny that people in town knew all about the park where Austin City Limits festival takes places and all the headliners from the previous years but didn’t know much about the botanical garden or its location.
Once done, we were ready for our flight back home to freezing Chicago and its Friday night traffic. I think the flight was shorter than the taxi ride home…

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