Afternoon at the MCA Chicago

Spending an afternoon at the MCA, with the Bouroullec brothers on display

In this gray cold holiday afternoon in Chicago, I got the opportunity to spend the day at the MCA Chicago (Museum of Contemporary Art). It has been a long time since I visited it last, and had forgotten about the Bouroullec exhibit. I’m glad I went (thanks JD).

I discovered the Bouroullec brothers’ work at the MoMA in New-york a few years ago. I immediately liked their design, clean, organic, funny. Maybe it’s because I’m from Brest, France, and they’re ‘bretons’ too from Quimper, France. Maybe it’s because they’re my age. But mainly it’s their design, the fact that they are ‘making things’, the colors, the textures, and the clean lines.

Here are some pictures from their show, and a few other things around the museum…

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