NextGEN and WordPress 3.5

Make NextGEN 1.9.8 and WordPress 3.5 work for XMLRPC posting.

Update 12/18/2021: Fixed in NextGen 1.9.10 – please update your site
Update 12/17/2021: still not fixed in NextGen 1.9.9

In WordPress 3.5, XMLRPC is enabled by default. Hence, plugins shouldn’t check the enable_xmlrpc option in that case. You can make it work, or wait for NextGen to update (usually pretty quick).

In your blog folder, edit ‘wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/lib/xmlrpc.php’, It should be something like:

if ( !get_option( 'enable_xmlrpc' ) && get_bloginfo('version') < 3.5 ) {


if ( !get_option( 'enable_xmlrpc' ) ) {

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