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I’ve been playing around with transferring photographs (basically by contact print) onto wood or canvas. There are plenty of ways to do it, but following this technique is pretty easy: basically put a gel onto the target surface, press a plain paper print onto the gel (don’t forget to flip the image horizontally before printing, I always forget), and let it dry overnight. In the morning, wet the paper and gently rub it off slowly. Don’t press too hard or you’ll remove some of the gel (or rub hard if you want a distressed look). When the surface is dried, apply one or several coats of ModPodge to harden and protect the print. And that’s it, easy to do and relatively clean.

Using plain paper, a laser printer (color or black-and-white), and graphic pictures works best.

The fun part is to find some interesting pictures and nice support: nice wood (like the Shina plywood), some old barn planks, or some canvas. One could add some collage or layers of paints. It’s only a start…

Here, I used some of my recent pictures and a picture from the Library of Congress, see picture (4) “E. S. Curtis (1904): Canon de Chelly – Navajo. Seven riders on horseback and dog trek against background of canyon cliffs”. You can find tons of historical and famous pictures at the site.

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