iBooks testing

My first book for iBooks2

My first attempt at an ebook for ‘iBooks2’ using ‘iBooks Author’, taking the pictures from my latest trip to Japan. Download this link directly from an iPad (1 or 2): iBook: Japan2011

Watch out, the file is around 80MB and can take a while to download and can take a while to load into iBooks. You need to run iBooks2, the latest version from iTunes store.

To use: when you are viewing a regular page, just flick to get to the next page. When viewing a gallery, flick inside the gallery to navigate. Also, the book is only viewable in landscape node (no portrait).

I uploaded it as a free book to iTunes, I’m curious to see how it will work.

Update: the book is out on iTunes… You can search for ‘renambot’ in the book section or follow this link.


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