A day in Tokyo

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After a day in the country side of Tokyo, my third vacation day was spent walking around the city. First, it included the visit of Yushima Seido, a beautiful Confucian temple: bare, black and quiet. Then I went to Kanda Myoujin, a very active temple. I then walked around Jinbōchō and its used book stores and many street vendors.

Later in the day, I went back to Shibuya and visited the ‘Tokyu Hands’ store (a 7-story mecca of DIY and crafts) and ate in Kaiten-zushi place (fixed-price plates nonetheless) in a small street surrounding the famous Shibuya crossroad.

The day ended with the mandatory stop in the `things to do for free in Tokyo’ tour: the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building” top floor at night, in Shinjuku. It’s massive structure, with two towers on a large plaza. Wikipedia says “It frequently appears in Japanese science fiction as a symbol of authority or, often, serving as the basis of type scenes depicting a futuristic or post-apocalyptic Shinjuku”. I can see why.

Overall, a good day, with some old and some new parts of Tokyo, some quiet places and some busy places. And always some good food.

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