Day in Hakone

A Day in Hakone

A lot of photos from spending the day in Hakone, mostly in the wonderful open-air museum. It takes more than two hours by train from Tokyo, but the trip is worthwhile. The last part, from the town of Hakone, happens in a small train that climbs painfully the mountain through a beautiful forest (must be popular during peak fall colors). The museum contains a lot of sculptures lay in large garden. It also contains massive installation, like a tower of stained glass, a playground built under a massive wood structure and a large plexiglass labirynth molecule. After a quick tour through the Picasso pavilion, you can experience an hot-springs outdoors foot bath. The mountains in the region offer lots of hot springs and other activities.

Diner was in a quaint Hakone restaurant specialized in tofu and yamaimo dishes (grated japanese yam, or “mountain potato”), a tasty sticky “mess” served in a variety of ways (from sushi to miso and tofu soup). The dinner could not finish without matcha and a sweet.

A good day !

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