Jazz Hejaz

A wonderful evening of music at the wonderful “Al Makkiyeah” house in Jeddah

The german consulate and the cultural house “Al Makkiyeah” organized a musical event between a german/english jazz duo (drums and piano) and a group of traditional Hejaz musicians, set in the unbelievable “Al Makkiyeah” house. Plenty of refreshments set indoors and outdoors (we should have skipped dinner). The music and dance wouldn’t stop for hours. Enchanting!

As Greg put it, the second part of the evening included:

  • Hejaz / German fusion jazz (which was pretty awesome)
  • Can’t find our driver
  • Being driven back to campus at way above 160 (see the speedo only goes this far)
  • Back on campus a few hours late (3AM)

So much fun.

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