17 thoughts on “Lightroom plugin: ViewFinder

    1. I didn’t released it yet. I’m trying to make it work on Windows and for a few Canon cameras first. For, it works for my D300 and on a Mac.
      Soon I hope…


  1. Hi Luc~

    I am also shooting with a D300 and on a Mac. I would love to get my hands on this plugin. Any chance you could email me a copy?


  2. I’d really like to test the plugin. I’m using a Nikon D90 and was looking for such a plugin for some time now. I would aprecieate if you’d let me test it.

  3. Hey Luc,

    im using since a few month an Nikon D700 and Lightroom 3.3 on a iMAC!

    On my website you can see the other Cams im using.
    If you want to have another Betatester, simple send me a Mail!

    Best Regards from Germany

  4. Hi Luc,

    Very interesting idea! I’d be happy to test it for the Nikon D7000 on Windows 7, if you’re interested.

    Cheers from Switzerland

  5. Hi Luc,

    I am looking for the viewfinder plugin. Did you release it yet? I am working with my D700 and LR3 on Mac. I really desparately looking for.
    BR and thank you

  6. Hello – I too would really like to use this plug in – Is is available anywhere for download? Would really appreciate having a look at this. (For MAC)

    Well done for progressing this project.

    Thank you.

  7. hey Luc, this looks really great, it’s exactly what i am looking for, too sad you haven’t released it :-(
    do you have any idea when you will release it?

    regards Manuel

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