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I’ve been working on a Adobe Lightroom plugin, Dossier de Presse, for a while now, to directly publish photos into galleries, using NextGEN gallery (or alternatively into WordPress media library). It’s based on XMLRPC communication between Adobe Lightroom and your WordPress site.

One can create a post associated with the gallery. It’s still pretty rough (especially in case of errors), but it should work on Mac and Windows.

At this point, the image resolution is limited to 300×300 pixels, during the testing phase.

Find all the information at this page :

If you use it, please post a comment or send me a note at “luc at lakephoto dot org”, I’d appreciate it.

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  1. Excellent plugin Luc, thank you. I have just started to use NextGEN and was looking for a way of integrating it with my Lightroom workflow, this first release does the trick and I look forward to it being enhanced. In the future, I would prefer it to use Highslide if that were possible?
    When I first used it I was getting the 300x300px limitation, but I seem to have now found a way around that – just not sure what I did!

  2. Hi Roy,
    Glad it’s already useful. I had put the limitation during development and the initial release to see people response to the plugin. I don’t how how got around, it’s my first Lightroom plugin ;-)
    I’ll check ‘Highslide’ and see how it could be added.


  3. Luc,

    I have been looking for something that does exactly what this does. I’m really looking forward to getting bigger images though as I use nothing on my sites at 300×300.

    @Roy, I’ve found that the Highslide plugin is working just fine in conjunction with the NextGEN gallery. The export from Lightroom script doesn’t affect it.

    also @Roy, please post what you might have did to get past the 300px limitation? Did you edit the plugin? Change settings in Lightroom? Change settings in WordPress or NetxGEN? Any thoughts on how to make that work would be much appreciated.


  4. Well… after messing with the settings for a while, I found one that lets me use this plugin for uploading images larger than 300×300 px. If you pick Megapixels for a resize setting, the plugin can do anysize. I found that I like the 1.5 Megapixel setting for my sites.

    I don’t remember if this setting was available in LR2 or if it’s a new setting in LR3.

  5. I gave it a try with the Highslide javascript viewer. As John said, it seems to work just fine. Myself, I prefer Lightbox2, but it shouldn’t have any effect either way.


  6. V4 is uploaded. Changes:
    User can select to create a post or a page
    Fix for the custom content of post or page
    Fixed the draft mode of the newly published entry


  7. I keep getting this error message in lightroom 3 (windows 7, 64) an internal error has occurred:?:0 attempt to index field ‘?'(a nil value) . XML-RPC is enabled and clicking the test button shows that I am connected and username/password is correct. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Useful plug-ins for my gallery in WP, good job !
    A bit frustrated by limited size to 300x300px for exporting pictures. Do you have a solution for me ?
    Other : The plug-ins is fully functionally with LightRoom 3.3-64bits / WordPress2.9.2.
    Best regards

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