Green Sands Beach

The amazing Green Sands Beach, after a demanding walk.

Let say you want to see one of only two green sand beaches in the World: drive two hours from your hotel, the last few miles on a single lane country road, park your car, and then walk three miles one way under the sun and in the wind through a desolated landscape of rock and dust by the sea shore with no destination in sight, after one hour the coast opens on a protected bay and a green-ish cinder cone. Finally, slide down the cinder cone, here you are at Papakolea, Beautiful ! The beach gets distinctive coloring from olivine crystals found in the cinder cone.

You might be tempted to ask yourself if it’s really worth the trip, totally ! Swimming in the ocean with the strong rip current, at the southern tip of Big Island, is really exhilarating. When ready, put back your shoes and get ready to hike back to civilization…